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8 ways to more easily reverse a trial


All concept stage BETA Projects are designed to be fully removed for these reasons.

Here are 8 aspects to think about:

1. Removeable, physcially 

Make it physically removeable - before you install or change something, make your plan for how it will be removed/reversed and then factor that into your installation/change.

  • Example: The LeapPointBETA project used a 'retention socket' in the footpath with facilitated the pole to simply be removed at the end of the trial.
  • Example: We retained the portions of removed downpipes in relation to the RainBoxBETA project so that we could reinstate them.

2. Removeable, politically 

Tell people repeatedly, and upfront, that it will be reversed, and the expected timeline of such. 

  • Example: The BikeHangarBETA participants were told repeatedly that the hangar would be removed after 3 months. All removed their bicycles and returned their keys within days of the end of the trial.

3. Low cost / Free

It's usuallly easier to cancel something that hasn't a high cost associated.

4. Refundable

Upfront agree to only pay for time or quantity that is needed and used.

5. Sell

Could you use some or all of it to raise income following a trial, thereby reducing the net cost?

6. Repurposeable

Could you use it for another purpose or give it to others?

7. Suitable contracts 

Make contracts only as long as required, build in flexibility such as the ability to review and extend. 

8. Digital

Digital solutions may sometimes be easier to 'close' than physical ones. All things being equal, would you learn just as much from a digital version, or a first digital version, or by having a partial digital aspect?



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