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Motorbike Parking


Status: IN ALPHA (exploring)


It can be very difficult to find on street parking for motorbikes. Technically they should not park on footpath and yet it's unclear how they should park in car parking spaces.


Should we provide designated motorbike parking within the city? If so, what should it look like and what elements would it need to work well?

Would it make more sense to think of it as 'big bike parking' and so also provide facilities for cargo bikes which are growing in use in the city? 


Where do you think we should locate motorbike parking? Please let us know in the comments below, on social media, or by adding a pin to the below map.

We're interested in all suggested locations to give us a sense of the scale required for any potential solution.

We'll also be looking for a trial location out of the above suggestions and will be looking for a location with the following characteristics:

  • People already park their motorbikes there.
  • There's existing carparking at the location, and ideally a good few parking spaces. (Eg a street with 10 spaces would be better than one with just 2 spaces.)
  • Closer the better to Dublin City Council's Civic Offices (so that we can more easily see how the trial is working).
  • A location with lower levels of traffic movement would probably be better than a busier one. 

As a concept stage project, any trial will be fully reversed back to the current scenario following the trial period. 


1. The physical elements that need to be considered include:

  • Locations and size. (For example should they be infrequent and large, or frequent but small?)
  • What signage and onstreet text should be displayed?
  • Should we provide some sort of stands or anchors for motorbikes (or cargobikes?) to lock to? If so, what type would be most suitable?
  • What protection is required? For example do we need to provide bollards or such to prevent a car or van knocking into a motorbike (and potentially a domino effect if several bikes are parked there)?

2. A policy element to consider is whether we should ask people to pay for parking in those locations?

Local authorities charge for parking in order to manage supply and demand (Dublin City Council aim for about a 90% occupancy to maximise the resources whilst trying to minimise the need to circle around looking for a space), so one question would be whether there's an overdemand for these spaces that needs management? Another aspect would be about trying to encourage certain modes of transport - for example do we want to encourage motorbikes (or cargo bikes) to easily be able to park up? If so, we may be best to let people use this space for free. 

[This trial is currently being designed, and we'll add more information as it develops.]


[Trial not yet complete.]


[Trial not yet complete.]


[Trial not yet complete.]


[Not yet determined.]



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