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Driving Data


Status: LIVE (concept stage)

Current Status: Live

Project Stage(s): Concept

Live Trial Location(s): Dublin City

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At the moment, much of our data and understanding of how people drive is at the group level (“drivers”) rather than cohort level (“delivery drivers”, “commuters”, "tourist") or personal level (“in a rush”, “doing a school run”, “popping to the shops”) and so on.

Equally it tends to be very limited and static (eg people at a certain point X were driving YY% above or below the speed limit) rather than giving us a more continuous overview of how people drive under various external conditions (eg narrow streets or rainy conditions) and at different times (eg 3pm versus 3am). 


We think that we will be able to gather individual vehicle data by installing dongles in some vehicles, whilst protecting the data-privacy of those individuals.

We expect that this data will be useful as means of establishing those drivers’ baseline behaviour and enable us to better learn about driver behaviour in the city and under what circumstances.


A number of volunteers are being sought for this trial, and we'll be looking for a mix of jobs and lifestyles (eg commuting, driving for a living, school runs, etc). We'll also be seeking diversity in gender, age, profession, lifestyle, distance to city and so forth.

They'll need to agree to have a telematics dongle installed in their vehicle for the duration of the trial and to allow us access to the data. It is intended to share the data with a third party for the purpose of analysis and to develop, in conjunction with Dublin City Council, a methodology for assigning a safety rating to driver behaviour. If you are selected to take part in this project, the data captured by the dongle will be anonymised before it is passed to our research partner. We’ll also fully involve you in the study, so that you can see what we’ve been able to learn!

We will review this trial after two months.

Our first priority is to learn about the installation phase - such as people’s motivations for taking part, any concerns that they may have, plus any difficulties around installation in certain vehicle types and so on.

Our second priority will be to then explore how useful the data we receive is, and what we need to tweak and improve upon in order to increase the usefulness. This timeframe should give us a variety of weather and trip types and sufficient data to have a sense as to what we need to change in relation to the data that is being captured.

Following this phase, we would look at whether to scale the size and length of the trial, depending on what we learn.

At the end of the trial, we'll arrange for the removal of all dongles from all vehicles.


If you’d love to take part in this trial at a future date, please just register your details!

We just require that your vehicle is less than 20 years old (to ensure compatability with the dongle that we'll need to insert) and that your trips will usually take you into/through the Dublin area.


Click on the image below to read the results from the first iteration of this project...


The next phase of this project is to have further data analysis carried out by statistical consultants.



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