Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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  • Dublin Beta on Facebook

Beta Projects act as cost-effective trials and serve to address key issues that the City Council is seeking to understand before implementing.

They have the following 5 characteristics.

1. Action-based and Evidence-based
-   Demonstrate by quickly creating a trial and then measuring results to test assumptions. "Good today is better than perfect next week."

2. Lean Resourcing
-   Trial for only as long as is required to test assumptions.
-   Only make solutions as ‘big’ as they need to be to test the idea.

3. Reversible and Flexible
-   Solutions should be designed to allow for learning and change.

4. Sustainable and Resilient
-   Create a solution which is able to sustain itself over time and is also resilient to shocks.

5. Scalable or Transferable
-   Think big. Start small.
-   Consider how to widen the return on any investment. 

You can follow the progress of all Beta Projects in the Beta Projects Pipeline

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