Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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What is a Beta Project?
Beta Projects act as cost-effective trials that serve to address key issues that Dublin City Council is seeking to understand before implementing.

Can I suggest a project?
Anyone can suggest a Beta Project - just use the suggest link.

What suggestions have been made?
You can see all suggestions received in the Beta Project Pipeline.

Which suggestions will be explored next?
Just check out the Beta Project Pipeline to see what has been prioritised.

What is the current status of existing projects?
All projects follow a set series of steps which you can follow in the Beta Project Pipeline.

On Hold Link to Vacant Window Gallery


Vacant Window Gallery

Could the large number of vacant properties in Dublin be temporarily used to display emerging artists?

Archived Link to Moss Art


Moss Art

The aim of this project is to learn about moss graffiti, and whether it might be a useful solutions for certain situations.

Archived Link to Street Art Checklist


Street Art Checklist

Would a simple checklist by the City Council be useful for someone who's considering carrying out streetart?