Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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What is a Beta Project?
Beta Projects act as cost-effective trials that serve to address key issues that Dublin City Council is seeking to understand before implementing.

Can I suggest a project?
Anyone can suggest a Beta Project - just use the suggest link.

What suggestions have been made?
You can see all suggestions received in the Beta Project Pipeline.

What projects are being explored?
Just check out the Beta Project Pipeline to see.

What's happening with live projects?
All projects follow a set series of steps. You can follow it here. Beta Project Pipeline.

EXPLORING Link to Cargobike Sharing


Cargobike Sharing

We would like to explore the idea of a shared, community, e-cargobike scheme.

LIVE (concept stage) Link to Public Electric Cooktops


Public Electric Cooktops

Should we add public electric cooktops to public spaces for people to meet and enjoying their surroundings?

LIVE (concept stage) Link to NeighbourhoodBETA



Can we develop a way for neighbourhoods to more easily imagine, test and implement their way towards an agreed vision?

LIVE (concept stage) Link to BagBin



Are 'BagBins' a useful solution to the problem of presentation of waste in bags on the street?

EXPLORING Link to Hangars for large cycles


Hangars for large cycles

We would like to explore the idea of providing parking hangars for the many types of non-standard cycles.

EXPLORING Link to Kissing Gates


Kissing Gates

Kissing gates often cause unintended problems, whilst not always addressing their aim. Is there a better solution?

EXPLORING Link to Shared Bins


Shared Bins

Would shared, onstreet, residential waste bins be a useful solution to improve our waste services and also reduce dumping?

EXPLORING Link to School Streets


School Streets

We'd like to explore the idea of School Streets - streets which are pedestrianised during certain school periods.

EXPLORING Link to Play Streets


Play Streets

How can we open up streets to enable local children to easily and safely play, ideally a short distance from their home?

EXPLORING Link to Open Streets


Open Streets

There are many times when it's useful to open up streets to people on a part-time basis. Can we find better ways to do that?

EXPLORING Link to Waste Search Tool


Waste Search Tool

How could we make the existing waste services much easier to understand, find, and use?

EXPLORING Link to Motorbike Parking


Motorbike Parking

We don't tend to provide specific motorbike parking and they are not supposed to park on pavements. Is there a better solution?