Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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What is a Beta Project?
Beta Projects act as cost-effective trials that serve to address key issues that Dublin City Council is seeking to understand before implementing.

Can I suggest a project?
Anyone can suggest a Beta Project - just use the suggest link.

What suggestions have been made?
You can see all suggestions received in the Beta Project Pipeline.

Which suggestions will be explored next?
Just check out the Beta Project Pipeline to see what has been prioritised.

What is the current status of existing projects?
All projects follow a set series of steps which you can follow in the Beta Project Pipeline.

Live Link to City Challenge 2018


City Challenge 2018

There is a problem with onstreet dumping of household waste in Dublin. We'd like to explore solving this issue with your help.

Live Link to Parklets



Businesses can apply to put tables and chairs on the pavement. Could they apply to use car parking spaces in a similar way?

Archived Link to Traffic Light Box Artworks


Traffic Light Box Artworks

Should people be allowed paint artworks onto the city's traffic light boxes? Might that solve a maintenance issue for the Council?

Archived Link to Curated Street Art Walls


Curated Street Art Walls

The street art community wants more walls on which they can paint. Might allowing that also solve some maintenance issues?

Live Link to Rain Box Planters


Rain Box Planters

Could we use plant boxes to reduce the amount of stormwater entering our drains, whilst also greening our streets?

Live Link to Love Locks


Love Locks

This Beta Project will look at the problem of love locks on the Ha’Penny Bridge (and neighbouring bridges and Boardwalk).

Live Link to Residential Bike Hangars


Residential Bike Hangars

Should residents be able to apply to park their bicycles in an onstreet, shared, bicycle hangar near their home?

Archived Link to Code For Dublin


Code For Dublin

Could we help support the creation of an adult coding group for Dublin which solely focuses on civic issues and opportunities?

Archived Link to Equinox Cycle Parking


Equinox Cycle Parking

Should Dublin temporarily increase the amount of bicycle parking during the Summer half of the year?

On Hold Link to Street Library


Street Library

Could we expand our libraries onto streets - allowing people to download books on the fly? For example, when waiting for the bus?

On Hold Link to Vacant Window Gallery


Vacant Window Gallery

Could the large number of vacant properties in Dublin be temporarily used to display emerging artists?

Archived Link to Moss Art


Moss Art

The aim of this project is to learn about moss graffiti, and whether it might be a useful solutions for certain situations.