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Open Streets


Status: IN ALPHA (exploring)

Current Status: Live

Project Stage(s): Concept

Live Trial Location(s): Pending > Active > Removed 

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Should we sometimes open up streets to uses other than transportation? Would it bring benefits to Dublin and its citizens? If so, is there a simple and clear process for temporarily opening a street?


We're trying to explore the concept of opening up streets in a general way. For example, Street Feasts, or Play Streets, or Sunday Streets, or Cicliovia or Placemaking, or trialling pedestrianisation, all rely on the core condition of opening up the street to uses other than transportation. It could be useful to start small and gather evidence about how people feel about opening up streets in general, or especiallly 'their' street. 


We will simply enable the opening of the street, and won't be organising it as an 'event'. It will be up to the residents and businesses of the street to use it how they see fit. 


If you and your neighbours would love to suggest your street, please register your details!

Here's the criteria for what we're looking for...

  • The street should be a 'goldilocks' street - some residential (ideally a mix of apartments and houses), some businesses (ideally a mix of retail and other uses such as cafés), not too busy or quiet in terms of the amount of traffic that it usually receives, and nothing too distinctive from the 'average' street (eg not adjacent to a sports stadium, or a large market, or a large offstreet carpark). 
  • Ideally the location would enable the idea to be tested at a larger scale if necessary - for example neighbouring streets, or the neighbourhood, or a route of streets. 
  • Ideally the location would enable the idea to be tested in different timing ways - for example, enable vehicles in the morning (say 06.00-11.00 for commercial deliveries) and then open it up afterwards, or open it up on Sundays, or at weekends, or just once a month or year, or every weekend, or perhaps even every day.
  • The street shouldn't be a critical link in terms of the flow of vehicles through the city. 
  • You should talk to your neighbours (residents and businesses) to check whether they'd be interested in taking part. We'd need a good chunk to show that they were interested.

Any trial would be fully reversed back to the current scenario following the trial period. 


[Trial not yet complete.]


[Trial not yet complete.]


[Trial not yet complete.]



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