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Guiding Principles

Would it be useful to have a series of principles for Dublin City Council staff, and which would aim to help to guide them, helping bridging any gap between vision and detailed actions across our documents?

(Here's an example of the UK government's design principles.)

If so, what should they be?


Based on your replies, and our own thoughts, here's a very rough, initial, draft for discussion...

  1. Are you being brave and ambitious for Dublin?
  2. Have you thought big? Are you starting small? Are you iterating to improve it?
  3. Have you scanned the horizon for issues that are coming down the track? Are you exploring them in a timely fashion before they become problems that you need to firefight?
  4. When encountering an issue, have you thought bigger in order to solve it, or are you retreating and thinking smaller? Have you looked at framing it as an opportunity to solve?
  5. Are you making decisions based on evidence?
  6. Have you looked for ways to gather better data? ("Better" is trying to encompass that often we need much more data for it to be really useful, but also of a high quality, but that we should also be thinking a lot about privacy.) 
  7. Are you being consistent, rather than necessarily uniform?
  8. Have you tried to "eat your own dog food"? (Experience the issue for yourself.)
  9. Have you made it public? (Information/space/provision of a service.)
  10. Have you done the hard work to make it simple and enjoyable for others to use and understand?
  11. Is your decision-making based on evidence? Can you explain your decision-making process clearly? Have you written it down so that others can read it? Have you explained it in simple, everyday, language?
  12. Are you acting as though there is an urgent climate and biodiversity crisis?
  13. Are you making Dublin simpler and/or more delightful?
  14. Have you gone out of your way to help those who are trying to make Dublin better?
  15. Have you prioritised making Dublin more liveable and lovable for the people who live there? (A presumption that a city that people want to live in all their life will be a city that people will want to work in and visit?)

What would you change? What would you add or remove? Would you change the order, or group some of them together?



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