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City Challenges

City Challenges are challenges with which the...

1. ‘Usual Approach’ is Struggling

  • Our usual ‘execution’ approaches and processes are struggling.
  • Clear financial costs or political/organisational pain or embarrassment. 
  • Would benefit from better problem-definition.
  • Would benefit from a ‘fresh look’ at the issue.
  • A large issue that should be considered holistically.

2. Timing is Right

  • ‘Goldilocks’ timing (neither too hot (eg a political hot potato), nor too cold (too remote – eg, self-driving cars).
  • Implementation of corporate/development plans dependant on this being explored sooner rather than later.

3. About Learning / ‘Bringing People With Us’

  • Will need to better manage change.
  • It’s about politics, public perceptions, emotions.
  • Convey that we’re taking something seriously.
  • Would benefit from the public having a clearer understanding of our rationale for exploring/implementing.

4. Corporate Backing + Cross-Departmental Working

  • Would benefit from a neutral owner and cross-departmental input.
  • Would benefit from having a corporate backing in order to pull resources around the issue.

5. Alignment

  • Aligns with our corporate and development plan visions and targets.
  • It’s something that we have (or would like to have) power over.


They could be a...

1. Issue / Problem

Improve something that we already do (or try to do) today. 

Examples: onstreet dumping, address global warming, homelessness, etc.

2. Opportunity

Look to explore something that’s a new area for us.

Examples: loneliness, self-driving cars, Dublin as a national park, new areas of income, new uses for our assets, etc.



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