Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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DCC Beta is the innovation ecosystem, and provides a platform through which a number of individual “Beta Projects” can be delivered

Beta Projects act as trials and experiments and address key issues that the council is seeking to understand before implementing on a city-wide scale. 

(Taking an iceberg analogy, 'Beta Projects' would be represented by visible but smaller portion above water, whereas 'DCC Beta' would be the large portion below the waterline.)

This section provides you with more detail on both of these aspects.

Link to Reports on DCC BETA

Reports on DCC BETA

Some reports or writings about the development and delivery of Dublin City Council BETA over the years.

Link to Beta Project Stages

Beta Project Stages

There are different stages of Beta Projects to speed up the process and increase transparency.

Link to Beta Projects Pipeline

Beta Projects Pipeline

You can follow the progress of all current Beta Projects here.

Link to 12 Reasons Why BETA Projects Are Removed

12 Reasons Why BETA Projects Are Removed

People regularly ask as to why Beta Projects are removed when they're at concept stage. We’d like to explain why.

Link to Better local consultation

Better local consultation

Can we find better ways of gathering feedback from locals before a solution is installed on their street?

8 reasons why we might delay announcement of a trial

Why might we sometimes delay informing the public or media about a trial?

Link to 13 criteria for picking a trial location

13 criteria for picking a trial location

Picking a good location for a (concept stage) trial can be quite tricky. Here's some advice on what to consider.

8 ways to more easily reverse a trial

8 ways to more easily reverse a trial

Link to Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Would it be useful to have a series of guiding principles to help guide staff with their decision making? What

Link to Pricing a new service

Pricing a new service

The new BikeBunkers service threw up a new challenge for us - how to decide a price for a new

Link to Beta Library

Beta Library

A shared library of items that we can borrow to help us with developing projects.

Link to Collaborative Working Room

Collaborative Working Room

Could a shared, collaborative, working space have a dual purpose as a standard meeting room for Dublin City Council staff?

Key Numbers

Brief summary of the numbers around Dublin City Council Beta - status, budgets, staffing.

What are Beta Projects?

Beta Projects are cost-effective trials that explore key issues that the City Council is seeking to understand before implementing.

City Challenges

Projects arise under two main headings. City Challenge projects and Quick Trickle projects. We explain the difference here.

Beta in your Local Government

We often get asked about how the 'Beta approach' might be adopted by other local government. Here's some tips.

Link to FAQ for Journalists

FAQ for Journalists

We've found that many journalists ask similar questions and so we've gathered those answers into one place for you.

Outcomes of Beta Projects

All Beta Projects are assessed at the end of the trial period to determine one of the following outcomes.