Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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DCC Beta is the innovation ecosystem, and provides a platform through which a number of individual “Beta Projects” can be delivered

Beta Projects act as trials and experiments and address key issues that the council is seeking to understand before implementing on a city-wide scale. 

(Taking an iceberg analogy, 'Beta Projects' would be represented by visible but smaller portion above water, whereas 'DCC Beta' would be the large portion below the waterline.)

This section provides you with more detail on both of these aspects.

Beta in your Local Government

We often get asked about how the 'Beta approach' might be adopted by other local government. Here's some tips.

Link to FAQ for Journalists

FAQ for Journalists

We've found that many journalists ask similar questions and so we've gathered those answers into one place for you.

Link to DCC Beta Report 2016

DCC Beta Report 2016

This report presents the key outcomes, findings and recommendations from the delivery of DCC Beta over 3.5 years.

Link to Beta Project Stages

Beta Project Stages

There are different stages of Beta Projects to speed up the process and increase transparency.

Link to Beta Project Pipeline

Beta Project Pipeline

You can follow the progress of all current Beta Projects here.

Link to Why Are Projects Removed?

Why Are Projects Removed?

People regularly ask as to why Beta Projects are removed, and we’d like to explain the thinking behind it.