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Everyday Metrics

How might we begin to think about measuring the progress of Dublin using metrics that everyone understands, and that are the types of measurements that we will tend to think about ourselves?

This piece is incomplete, could certainly do with some restructuring, and is very much a work in progress - it's being posted here, so that it can live somewhere public rather than being hidden away in a file on a phone! 



  • How far can walk holding hands
  • Can parent(s) + child(ren) walk side by side
  • Can two buggies / wheelchairs pass one another
  • Pavement widths - How far can walk as a couple holding hands.
  • How often people step off the pavement onto the roadway.
  • Two people with golf umbrellas able to pass each other easily.
  • Is it easy or a hassle to try to overtake two old friends ambling slowly and chatting.
  • Able to easily overtake someone walking a dog on lead.
  • Feeling stressed/changing route home as walking along with something fragile in a bag, afraid of people banging into you.
  • Do you feel the need to move aside to let people who are behind you past? (Eg you can ‘feel’ them right behind you.)
  • Number of people standing in the middle of the road.
  • Ease of walking whilst pushing something...kid in a buggy, a punctured bicycle etc.
  • People walking on the edge granite stone / traffic side of bins, lampposts, etc...pavement width too narrow.
  • Two parents with pram, able to pass another two parents with pram.
  • The number of people jogging across the street to avoid getting hit by cars.
  • Numbers of Bollards 



  • Can you hear your child talk to you whilst you walk behind them in their buggy-stroller.
  • Can you hear birds when they’re singing?
  • Volume level you need to use on your headphones on a particular street.
  • Can you talk to your forward-facing baby in a pram.
  • Being able to have a telephone conversation on the street and be able to hear the other person.



  • Do you feel comfortable letting go of a child’s hand?
  • For how long would you feel comfortable letting go of a child’s hand?
  • Pushing a pram one-handed (Eg if holding an umbrella)...eg having to cross side streets with a raised kerb.
  • Children independently playing 
  • Halloween kids out 



  • Dutch cycling indicators seen in Dublin - eg cycling with an umbrella up
    • cargo bikes
    • Parents with kids
    • Kids out on their own
    • Elderly cycling
    • Cycling side-by-side chatting 
    • Can a 6-year old cycle it? 
    • Number of groups cycling side-by-side.
    • How far you can cycle side-by-side. 
    • Cycling with a coffee 
  • The number of people cycling who have lamps on their heads and cameras etc.
  • A move from non-mandatory safety equipment to mandatory safe equipment...e.g. Moving from reduction in hi-viz etc to an increase instead in the use of proper lighting and reflective markings on the bike etc. (I.e. Like Holland.) 
  • Average 'Stylish' rating of cyclists as a cohort. 
  • Number of kilometres of real cycling infrastructure - for example Dutch quality.
  • % of people cycling upright-type bicycles
  • Average cycling speed for commuters 



  • Diversity of biodiversity in your neighbourhood. (Rather than at city level.)
  • Can you see the stars?
  • How nice it is to have a city centre wedding. (Cleanliness, walkability, no street hassles, noise)



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