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Involving councillors is a key aspect of DCC Beta - from Beta Project suggestions to transparent reporting on each stage as the trial proceeds.

Comments from City Councillors

“[DCC Beta] is a great resource for the city. It provides an innovative, creative and collaborative approach to how we provide services in the city. Its explorative approach allows for new ways of making decisions about how the city functions and also encourages citizen engagement, something I believe we need more of in the city.”

"Impressed by DCCbeta" 

"You should absolutely check out DCCbeta" 

“I would like to see [DCC Beta] funded and supported so that it can be promoted further. I think there are a lot of people who live and work in the city who are unaware of the project but who would value from participating and contributing.  I also think it would be great to extend the project beyond the city centre boundaries and to identify test neighbourhoods to run further projects to provide even more citizen engagement in how neighbourhoods are developed.” 

“I feel the Beta Projects have the potential to keep important issues moving in times where there may not be funding available. It also allows creativity in the design of the services provided by the Council which in turn can ignite further civic pride in our city.” 

[The image is of a non-council meeting in the council chamber in City Hall.]

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