Dublin Beta Projects

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Citizens are invited to take part in 3 ways:

1. Suggest Beta Projects.

2. Feedback on Beta Projects

3. Take part in Beta Projects.

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Comments from Citizens

“I’ve been following the blog for roughly 3 years and have been hugely impressed by the work undertaken and open dialogue. I very much hope this is the beginning of something bigger and more exciting.”

“Very interesting guys, great approach. Loving the thought and planning going into.”

“I’m intrigued. Who are or what are you guys? You seem very forward thinking!”

“Dublin City Beta projects is a great idea from Dublin City Council.” 

“It is really phenomenal what you have achieved. Everything you have done has been meticulously documented, communicated and comprehensively evaluated – everything is put on the web for transparency. This doesn’t take five minutes. This is no mean feat. As a local government professional, I completely understand how much hard work this would take to “break the mould” on existing process, practice and work culture. I hope senior management see the value in what is happening here, and try to roll this approach out on a wider scale.”