Dublin Beta Projects

A Dublin City Council live mechanism for imagining, testing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

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To anticipate and meet the ever changing needs of the city, Dublin City Council is adopting new approaches to innovation, new ways to consider implications and to manage change.

Dublin City Council Beta is a live mechanism for trialling, assessing and implementing ways to improve the experience of life in the Capital.

-   Dublin City Council (DCC)
    Corporately-adopted policy and execution.

-   Dublin City Council Beta (DCC Beta)
    Uncertainty, trialling and learning.

DCC Beta uses Beta Projects to trial issues that the council is seeking to understand before implementation, and to provide us with a better way of listening to the people who make our Capital the great city that it is. 

‘Beta’ refers to something imperfect that is released early into the world for real-world testing and feedback.


DCC Beta Report 2016
This report presents the key outcomes, findings and recommendations for DCC Beta to date.

Chief Executive: Owen Keegan

"Dublin City Council Beta provides us with a concise methodology to anticipate and answer the needs of citizens and businesses."


"The informal approach encourages feedback from the public and allows for projects to be tested without having to commit.”


“I’ve been following the blog for roughly 3 years and have been hugely impressed by the work undertaken and open dialogue."


“We look forward to working with the Beta Projects on future trials and interventions to improve our city.”


“I feel the Beta Projects have the potential to keep important issues moving in times where there may not be funding available."


“In relation to the Dublin Institute of Technology and DCC Beta - I think there could be really interesting ways of developing this further.”